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Welcome to Mushka Lightstone Photography! I specialize in wedding photography, capturing the moments of your event with an artists eye for timeless beauty. Pictures are more then a snapshot, I am dedicated to capturing images that stand the test of beauty over time. My work brings me to destination events throughout the US, Canada and overseas. I have been shooting weddings for the last 15 years. Photography was an organic segue from film editing in the motion picture industry. I have been told that my images reflect a candid sense of intimacy, reminiscent of a still movie frame.

I hold a joint major in Film and Fine Arts from McGill University and Montreal's Ecole Des Beaux Arts. At times my images are reminiscent of the painters work who greatly influenced my way of seeing the world. I love Matisse, Homer, Picasso, Manet, Hopper, Redon. I like to think that I bring my warmth and enthusiasm, to each special celebration. I am passionate about photography and dedicated to capturing your event in the most beautiful and memorable way I can.

Two of the songs featured on this site are "Kol Dodi" and "Ani L'Dodi" graciously extended to me by Yehudah Solomon of the . The Moshav Band brings wonderful energy and great music wherever they perform.